Consortium Members Continue to Publish Perspectives on the Future of Finance

December 7, 2020 by Devin Rapson

The Consortium is excited to highlight the continued partnership with the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) on ideas and insights on the future of impact finance.

Members of the Impact & Sustainable Finance Faculty Consortium have watched the world of impact investing explode over the last few years. Many were early proponents of using investment to drive social good, and as the field has transformed from a niche group of socially-minded investors, to the largest financial firms establishing impact wings of their organizations, members of the consortium have backed up the viability of impact investing through their impressive research and advocacy. 

Faculty members from all over the globe have teamed up to share their research findings on a whole range of impact topics. Their data-driven insights are resources for financial firms, investors, and other organizations interested in optimizing impact through markets. 

Check out the series below:

  •  Q & A Roundtable: The Future of Impact Finance, by Megan Kashner
    • In the first article for the series, six driving members of the Impact & Sustainable Finance Faculty Consortium sit down to discuss the history and tensions within the field of sustainable finance, and where they think impact investing is going. 
  • How to Overcome “Warm Glow” and Other Barriers to Effective Impact Investment Solutions, by Matthew Lee and Jasjit Singh
    • Lee and Singh discuss how the bias of “doing good” impacts sustainable investment, and how investors can utilize this bias for the most effective investment solutions. 
  • Roles Foundations Play in Shaping Impact Investing, by David Wood
    • Wood sheds light on the ways that philanthropic organizations have played a part in the emergence of impact investing, and brings attention to issues that may arise as a result of the relationship between foundations and private finance. 
  • How to Mainstream Impact Investing in Europe, by Lisa Hehenberger
    • Hehenberger explores the development of impact investing in Europe, taking note of differences in sub regional policies that have accounted for the range of sustainable finance prevalence across the continent. 
  • Making a Better Business Case for ESG, by Tensie Whelan
    • Whelan discusses the importance of creating a strong evidence base that sustainability is good for business as investment in sustainable ventures becomes ever more pressing. 
  • How Academia Can Do More to Advance Sustainable Finance, by Meeta Kothare and Mary Margaret Frank
    • As the need for sustainable investment to fight the global crises rises, Kothare and Frank discuss the important role that academia can play in scaling sustainable financial solutions.
  • In Latin America, Impact Finance Demonstrates Remarkable Progress and Untapped Potential, by Carlos Alberto Vargas, Andrés Guerrero Alvarado, Angélica Rotondaro & Vicente José Servigón Caballero
    • How can the success of Latin America’s early sustainable finance ventures be scaled to increase impact across the continent? The answer may lie in multi-national efforts promoting sustainability through markets. 

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