Consortium Convening to Move Online for June

March 24, 2020 by Megan Kashner

The Steering Committee of the Impact & Sustainable Finance Faculty Consortium announced today that it would move its annual Consortium convening to a virtual format to be held on June 24th ad 25th, 2020. Members will network, share best practices, collaborate, and learn together over a video conference and will continue their collaboration and community engagement during this time of social distancing.

As always, any faculty members at universities anywhere in the world are invited to apply to request membership in the Impact & Sustainable Finance Faculty Consortium can apply on the Consortium's website at:

In a statement to Consortium members, the Steering Committee wrote:
After careful consideration, the Impact & Sustainable Finance Faculty Consortium Steering Committee has decided that our 2020 Convening will be modified into a fully-remote virtual event. Uncertainty around the timing of a return to normalcy and the challenges inherent to faculty schedules led us to decide to use the time we have all already set aside the best that we can.

In order to supplement the Virtual Convening and extend our connections, we are also planning periodic virtual meetings that we are calling "Consortium Public Offerings." Consortium Public Offerings are intended to cover and open conversation around subjects unaddressed or under-explored during the Virtual Convening.

We believe these virtual Consortium Public Offerings will help to ensure that we are connecting as a Consortium throughout the year. If they are successful, we intend to continue to hold them even after in-person life and convenings resume.

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